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Lately, my Twitter feed has plenty of Linkedin promotionalism, bunch of Reddit memes, and in recent weeks everything is more or less about Twitter itself. During these turbulents times, I question myself how much do I need Twitter. Maybe it's just an old habbit of keeping my FOMO in place.

I do not see Elon's acquisition of Twitter as bad, nor good. I wish he has an opportunity to experiment and to try different things. Sadly, I think he has very limited Twitter experience. It will limit him greatly coming up with right ideas. But in the end, he will spend most of his energy trying to fix the business side of Twitter. Just like every other CEO tried to do before.

World without Twitter does not sound like an extreme. Already, many have shifted their focus to smaller group medium, keeping opinions and discussions more private. Nieche communities built around opinion leaders have also switched to newsletters and RSS feeds. I wish this medium would innovate expanding current format of broadcasting ideas. Make it more bidirectional way of communication.

Medium.com has completely missed the new wave of newsletters. However, they did well on creating easy way to highlight and start discussion around certain parts of text. I know that Ben Thompson receives plenty of replies to his daily updates. I want to part of it. I want to know what others are questioning or arguing. That's where I feel we're moving, medium owned by authors but with tools to let me connect with others who subscribe to the very same thing.