Edvinas Bartkus

Postmortem of not writing

I have attempted multiple times to start writing. However, it never came to be my habit. Nevertheless, I never stopped thinking of doing it. While I believe that writing is becoming cool again, it's yet my another attempt to do it. Here are few observations what went wrong and why I failed to deliver before.

  • I have created a dozen drafts with the stories I wanted to share. Most of them never been finished because I chose topics that required a lot of research and investigation. Instead, I should have focused on something simple.
  • I always wanted to provide new insights or valuable opinion. However, I am a starter and can't expect to deliver high quality on day one. I should not be afraid to share my honest opinion.
  • Many stories were around on broad topics. Those topics are great for the discussion but difficult to settle own opinion. However, there are plenty of personal insights that I could nicely document it instead of picking popular topics.
  • I was not able to finish anything  I had started since I did not put any pressure on myself. Many drafts were waiting for my attention while my mind wondered on some new topics. To make it a habit I must treat it as a habit. I have to require it from myself to do it periodically.
  • I don't have an audience that watches my steps. Meaning, there is no one else but myself to disappoint.

This time I will focus on documenting my experiences and I will keep on reminding myself:
Short is better than long
Today is twice better than tomorrow
Personal is more interesting than general